Passing on the Tradition

Adventure Within
the National Park
Nahuel Huapi

Lakes, forests, rivers and mountains create a unique natural paradise, where you will live a magical experience. Come to discover the immensity of Patagonia with our professional guides of Correntoso Adventures.

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to the next
100 years



For Laurence family, the fact of providing the world the opportunity of knowing the most ancient hotel in Patagonia, has been the most treasured gift that motives them day by day to keep on fulfilling the dreams of each guest who visits Correntoso

to the next
100 years


Primo Capraro and Rosa Maier, one of the first pioneers of Patagonia and founders of Correntoso.

Founded in 1917 by Primo Capraro and Rosa Maier, Correntoso was born as a r fishermen refuge and grew to become a perfect exponent of the hotel industry. Today, it is able to comply all the standards of international excellence without losing the essence of those adventurers who came to the region when only few could.


Guardians of the Correntoso River. We feel a deep respect and gratitude for the nature that surrounds us.

In Correntoso Lake & River Hotel we understand that protecting the environment is paramount. That is why we adopt sustainable management practices, reducing the negative impacts on the natural and cultural heritage of the communities, maximizing the social and economic benefits of tourism activity.
We have a treatment plant to maintain, both the Correntoso River and the Nahuel Huapi Lake, in perfect conditions so that their fauna and flora can last and be appreciated by future generations.

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