The essence and soul of Patagonian cuisine.

Wake Up

Waking up every morning when dawn stains the sky pink.

As at Home. From 8.30 HS - 10:30 HS.

With a matchless view of Correntoso River and Nahuel Huapi Lake, Martin Pescador is the perfect place to taste a delicious buffet breakfast. A wide variety of regional jams, cereals, seeds, fruit juices and freshly baked pastry will awake your senses, starting your days in the best way.

When the sun is highest in the sky, over the lake and the mountains, you will discover that you are in a Paradise.


It is an ideal moment to grab the calming power of nature with a delicious lunch on the verge of Nahuel Huapi Lake, where the historic Correntoso Port is located. With specialties cooked in the mud oven and barbecue pit, guests will taste the best Patagonian lamb of the region. 

Tasting our classic Pisco Sour accompanied by a traditional Patagonics smokings board is the best option to complete a perfect afternoon in this paradise.

Terraces available all day with bar service.

After a day of outdoor activities, seeing the sun hiding at the back of Los Andes Mountains will provide you a “before” and an “after” in your stay. To relax, the Wine Bar invites you to know the history of Correntoso through its wines. Pictures and objects from the first settlers and visitants of the Patagonian region will make you feel like walking in a history book.

Contemplating at dusk the different shades of blue that appropriate our eyes becomes much more pleasant accompanied by an unforgettable dinner.

Unforgettable gourmet dinners every day from 8 pm - 11:30 pm.

Its exclusive menu matches the typical flavors of Patagonia with those from the Mediterranean. Being one of the preferred places, guests are transported by the murmur of Correntoso River while tasting the specialty of the restaurant: the traditional Cappellettis Tony Capraro.

With cypress tables and rattan chairs, Belluno Restaurant has all the qualities to experience a truly romantic dinner and taste the best wines from our wine cellar.

Imperdibles Correntoso

Tony Capraro

Our famous trout, sesame, ciboulette and lemon cappellettis, served with cream sauce are a Correntoso classic. Through this delicious dish we want to convey, in honor of the Capraro family, their gastronomic legacy to invite them to be part of the history of Correntoso.

Correntoso Assembly

For the re-opening of the Hotel, Alex Laurence wanted to surprise his father, a chocolate fan, with an exquisite dessert that he would never forget. Thus the Correntoso Assembly was achieved, a tasting of different textures of chocolates that became a classic and an obligation for those who visit our home.

Correntoso Tea

In our Belluno restaurant you can watch the magical sunset, where its large windows filter the softness of the lake and the strength of the mountains with an imposing view of Nahuel Huapi National Park. It is a must for all travelers who are in the lake region. The bakery is the perfect pairing for teas: wild fruit cakes, handmade cakes, cookies, crackers, scons and regional jams harmonize in an unforgettable moment.

Noches temáticas

As night falls on the Port, we enter a warm and informal atmosphere, with live music, where the Thematic Nights become the main character. They are ideal to celebrate a special moment with friends and family and feel the spirit and nature of the Argentine Patagonia.

La Biblioteca

The fireplace, the heart of the livingroom, gathers talks among friends.
Reading books from the personal library of the owners and the contemplation of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and the mountains, stop time to enjoy moments of relaxation.

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